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As a professional flow control equipment manufacturer, KEYSWON provides a variety of steel valves, pipe fittings, and wellhead components for steel structure projects and fluid pipeline projects. Our fluid control devices are constructed from various high quality materials and are manufactured according to high level standards. Thanks to our reliable, economical products, KEYSWON is a highly respected supplier of industrial valves and oilfield devices for the petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electrical power, and water supply industries.

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Main Products
    1. Gate Valve

      Gate valves are mainly used as a device to permit or prevent the flow of liquid in pipelines whose working medium is water, steam, oil, or non-corrosive gas. It works well in the petroleum, chemical, and thermal power generation industries.

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    1. Ball Valve

      Ball valves include manual ball valves, electric ball valves, and pneumatic ball valves. These high performance valves feature excellent two-way sealing performance as their inlet ports, outlet ports and seats all can be tightly sealed.

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    1. Butterfly Valve

      The manual butterfly valve, electric butterfly valve and pneumatic butterfly valve boast a two-way sealing performance and their installation is not restricted by medium flow direction or the installation space size.

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    1. Slurry Valve (Abrasion Resistant Valve)

      Slurry valve is an abrasion resistant globe valve that is made up of advanced imported components. This abrasion resistant valve suitable for dealing with high viscosity slurry, paper pulp.

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    1. Tee Plug (Flow Control Fittings)

      Tee plug is designed for cutting off and dividing flows in pipeline systems. Due to its sealing surface performance and erosion resistance, the three-way plug can be used as a throttle control part.

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    1. Tubing Head

      Tubing head is designed with a straight channel and a 45° main bearing shoulder. This design prevents the drilling tool from damaging the sealing surfaces and also avoids the wedging of the wearing bush or the pressure test plug.

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    1. Choke Valve

      In a quantitative pump hydraulic system, a choke valve in combination with a relief valve can form three types of throttle speed control systems which are respectively for the oil inlet circuit, oil outlet circuit, and the bypass circuit.

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    1. Oil Well Christmas Tree

      Oil well Christmas tree is designed and manufactured in complete accordance with API 6A standards and only uses materials conforming to the requirements of NACE MR0175. Its nominal pressure is 2000psi~20000psi.

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